• Lead Designer: Bela Campello
  • Product Manager: Scott Peacock
  • Lead Developer: Jonathan Hill
  • Lead Backend Developer: Subramanian Venkatesan
  • Software Developer: Kyle Askine
WAGE is a candidate and client matchmaking platform. Technically skilled canddiates interview their peers to ensure a seamless and accurate end-client experience, while improving their own interview and development skills.

Stratosphere has worked closely with WAGE from the ideation stage, and has played a crutial role in the development of this web and mobile platform.

WAGE utilizes an ERC20 token (a cryptocurrency on the Etherium blockchain network) to facilitate peer interviews and the exchange of value from clients directly to the candidates they wish to hire.

Stratosphere is responsible for the logo & branding, style guide, UI / UX design, product design, product management, software development, QA testing, deployment, and various event and consultatory support.
With the help of its new ERC20 token, WAGE's mission is to transform the job market by facilitating the current recruitment process.

Through a platform that gives out incentive to each and every candidate, WAGE aims to create a career headquarters for technical talent and hiring managers that breaks the recruitment mold.