BlockHealth Summit

  • Lead Designer: Bela Campello
  • Lead Developer: Scott Peacock
  • Client: Patientory Inc.
  • Website: Scott Peacock
Stratosphere and Patientory Association work together to form the social media, online presence, and updates required to create the full experience of the BlockHealth annual summit.

Designing sponsorship graphics, providing consultation for hosting and web services, as well as DNS support, Stratosphere has worked with Patientory Association to make the 2019 BlockHealth Summit a successful and exciting one.
The annual BlockHealth Summit hosted by Patientory Association explores the concept that the healthcare industry is overflowing in data which is heavily fragmented across the healthcare ecosystem.

Blockchain has the potential to solve for these inefficiencies as it enables solutions with increased security, trust, and traceability required to manage highly sensitive data. The promise of blockchain to transform healthcare has led to growing global interest that this annual summit explores.