• Lead Designer: Bela Campello
  • Product Manager: Scott Peacock
  • Lead Developer: Jonathan Hill
  • Backend Developer: Subramanian Venkatesan
  • Developer: Kyle Askine
  • Website:
Allyus is a location based political social network which empowers people to change government policy.

Stratosphere has worked closely with Allyus from the ideation stage, and has played a crutial role in the ongoing development of this web and mobile platform.

Following a successful Alpha and Beta test, Allyus's final iteration is in production for its full launch to support the upcoming Canadian and American elections.

Stratosphere was responsible for the logo & branding, style guide, UI / UX design, product design, product management, software development, QA testing, deployment, and various event and consultatory support.
Our goal is to provide citizens with a system that allows them to view differing political opinions within their riding, province, or country. Dual sided petitions were developed specifically for Allyus, allowing a refreshing take on modern day online petitions which only highlight one side of an issue.

Allyus gathers anonymous demographic data that can be used to understand the location of participants and the opinions of true stakeholders in worldwide issues.